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Need Funding? Three Ways to Finance Your Startup - You have a fantastic idea for a new widget that is going to revolutionize the widget world. Widgets, however, don’t make themselves. While you know that your idea is brilliant and amazing, people aren’t exactly throwing money in your direction to help you get your idea off the ground. Just how exactly are you going […]
What Every Small Business Owner Must Know About Commercial Leases - If you want to set up shop as a small business, chances are you’re probably going to have to rent some space. Signing a commercial lease can be intimidating. There are a lot of laws that protect residential tenants from being taken advantage of by landlords, but there are far fewer legal protections for commercial […]
3 Risky Contract Mistakes - Contract Law is a challenging, extensive, and oftentimes confusing area of the legal system, particularly for those without significant legal training. It is also an absolutely vital part of just about every company’s success. When it comes to business contracts, you simply cannot afford any mistakes or mishaps. Below we have outlined the top three […]
Testing the Waters: 5 Keys to Conducting Effective Market Testing - So, you’ve got a brilliant idea for a business…right? Sure, the idea sounds great to you, but is there really a market for it? Market testing is the process of gathering data from your potential market of consumers in order to obtain a proof of concept. From there, you can figure out whether your product […]
3 Real Life Cases of Intellectual Property Rights Gone Wrong - From trademarks to copyrights to patents, intellectual property (IP) law is one of the most fascinating and endlessly complex areas of the law. It has been around for nearly as long as mankind has been dreaming up new ideas and creating new things, and it revolves around one key question, “How do you legally protect […]
Manage Your Life by Managing Your Calendar - Many entrepreneurs and business owners spend their lives working in their business, day in and day out. They feel like they never have any time for themselves or their family because their schedule is always so busy. Instead of always reacting to events that seem to pop up, at Kairos Law, we recommend you take […]
3 Key Factors to Help You Determine if Workers are Employees or Independent Contractors - The distinction between an employee and independent contractor is an essential one that all employers should fully understand. Misclassifying workers – treating someone as an independent contractor who should legally be considered an employee – can be extremely detrimental to a business. A misclassification could lead to devastating penalties as a direct result of lawsuits […]
6 Common Small Business Tax Mistakes to Avoid - Running your own small business can be incredibly rewarding. It can grant you the opportunity to maintain your own hours, make your own rules, and of course, have financial independence by controlling your own profits and salary. However, just like personal taxes can be one of the most frustrating aspects of maintaining your personal finances, […]
Seven Reasons Why Every Startup Should Create a Business Plan - Congratulations, you’ve decided to start a business! Do you have a plan yet? Yes, of course you have ideas in your head for how you want to move forward—the type of business you want to build, your mission, your goals for the future—but have you actually created a formal business plan? Believe it or not, […]
Preparing for Success: 6 Essential Elements to Include in Your Company’s Strategic Plan - Entrepreneurs must be doers. It takes someone who is willing to take swift action and seize opportunities—even when there are obvious risks involved in moving forward—to be successful in business. However, while this “can-do” attitude is one vital aspect of building a company, the true cornerstone of business success is effective, organized, and forward-thinking strategic […]